Tell me what you think!!!!!

Over the past year, RHAND’s ICT operation has been hit with various snags. Typically, the challenges are related to FLEX, the Internet, Virus & Security and the Wireless operation.

While we must be aware of the reality that ‘nothing is perfect’ and, in the same vein, ICT is an ‘imperfect’ science – we need to get feedback for our stakeholders:

Do you think our ICT Unit is doing enough to ensure a secure and stable environment for our operations? Do you have any suggestions?


3 Responses to “Tell me what you think!!!!!”

  1. Chris Says:

    We know that security is the most challenging area of ICT today, keep on trying…

  2. Dale Says:

    RHAND ICT department is the heart of the organization and i applaud them

  3. Janice Doe Says:

    Im Lost! What does this have to do with the general membership….what is FLEX or ICT?

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