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Share Value

April 1, 2010

When RHAND Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited was first established in 1947 a single share was valued at $5.00. Since then RHAND has evolved into the financial institution that we have come to know today. No longer limited to over the counter transactions; members can now make their monthly contributions via salary deductions or standing orders with the Bank. The intention of our co-operative society’s founding members was to encourage thrift through monthly savings. Sixty-three (63) years later, after several economic booms and recessions… is $5.00 per share really enough?


RHAND – South Branch?

April 1, 2010

Imagine this scenario. You are living in Point Fortin and working in San Fernando. Your Ministry has just finalized your back pay and you can finally take that Car Loan. You are a RHAND member but the Bank is just two blocks away from your office. What would you do? Does RHAND need a branch/office in South Trinidad?

RHAND’s Annual General Meeting 2010

April 1, 2010

On Saturday 20th March 2010 RHAND Credit Union successfully hosted its 62nd Annual General Meeting. The meeting was conducted simultaneously at UWI Sport and Physical Education Centre, St Augustine, Trinidad and Works Conference Centre at Old Government Farm Road, Shaw Park, Tobago via video conferencing. The event was just over six hours long, with over eight hundred members in attendance (684 Trinidad and 138 Tobago). What is your opinion of RHAND’s recently concluded Annual General Meeting?