RHAND – South Branch?

Imagine this scenario. You are living in Point Fortin and working in San Fernando. Your Ministry has just finalized your back pay and you can finally take that Car Loan. You are a RHAND member but the Bank is just two blocks away from your office. What would you do? Does RHAND need a branch/office in South Trinidad?


3 Responses to “RHAND – South Branch?”

  1. debra d'abreau Says:

    the establishment of a South based Branch would have multiple benefits to the membership and the general public in terms of accessibility to accounts; expansion of employment opportunities, expansion of membership and of course the financial assets.

    however timing of establishment of operations in south would be critical
    location another critical factor, and type of ownership of property (full ownership vs leasing) in the early stages of the project. full ownership has the obvious implications of value added. However, the establishment of operations should be considered within the elements of sustainability, viability and growth – With ownership comes – property taxes, maintenance of building etc. Additionally the question of suitability of location as south membership expands must be part of the considerations of full ownership.

    with lease hold interests – allows the CU to build in terms and conditions into the lease agreement in terms of period of membership, value of lease, maintenance clauses which holds the owner accountable for the overall condition of the grounds, the building and be in keeping with OSH standards and expenses of the building in terms of taxes and rates and would allow the CU to move as membership expands.

    I am fully aware that property is viewed as a primary asset in the corporate world – but the CU leadership should learn the lessons of the acquisition of woodbrook, evaluate decisions, outcomes and take heed not to make similar mistakes. MISTAKES ARE COSTLY

  2. Lady O Says:

    I agree that members need a presence outside of the East/West corridor. Since the public sector is pushing for the decentralization of the Ministries and RHAND is one of the main Credit Unions that Public Servants join they should follow suit. For those of us who dont work in POS it is very hard to always have to take time off to transact business with the Credit Union.

  3. BRIAN Says:

    some time in 2002 a representative of rhand came to marabella police station to meet with staff which included mts workers and he said very soon rhand will be opening a branch in south.Nine years have gone and nothing doing.

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