RHAND’s Annual General Meeting 2010

On Saturday 20th March 2010 RHAND Credit Union successfully hosted its 62nd Annual General Meeting. The meeting was conducted simultaneously at UWI Sport and Physical Education Centre, St Augustine, Trinidad and Works Conference Centre at Old Government Farm Road, Shaw Park, Tobago via video conferencing. The event was just over six hours long, with over eight hundred members in attendance (684 Trinidad and 138 Tobago). What is your opinion of RHAND’s recently concluded Annual General Meeting?


3 Responses to “RHAND’s Annual General Meeting 2010”

  1. debra d'abreau Says:

    Though the meeting was well organised and I was quite impressed by the video conferencing with Tobago and the overall use of technology, i found that there should have been greater management of the process as on several occassions, i am sure that participants in Tobago had opinions but there appeared not to be sufficient time for responses from Tobago. there could be technical delays as i am aware that technical problems were being experienced is it possible that a secondary table be established at the secondary venue to allow for enhanced participation at all venues.

  2. Lady O Says:

    It was very long. I noticed many members left immediately after the voting process, missing out on the motions regarding inactive members etc. I agree with Debra’s comment that, there should have been greater management of the process.

  3. Keith C.Risbrooke Says:

    To both LadyO and Debra
    Thank you for great feedback. We are about to engage planning for the AGM 2011, and propose to include your expressed views in these discussions. In particluar, time management for the entire process to ensure that full participation is available throughout; and, general management of the operation overall to ensure that no member is disenfranchised in any way.
    Thanks again.

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