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If you are not with R.E.D…

September 23, 2010

R.E.D. facilitator -Mr. Hayden Blades of Business Insight Limited

Hayden Blades of Business Insight Limited (BIL) has partnered with RHAND Credit Union, to deliver the RHAND Entrepreneurship Development (RED) programme to members and other interested persons.
It has become imperative that we all understand business – both the young and the not so young. Eighty percent (80%) of the world’s wealth is controlled by Businessmen who make up approximately fifteen percent (15%) of the world’s population. With an idea and a few thousand dollars, another big business may be born. We are in the era of entrepreneurship!
RED is timely, relevant and keeps with our passion of developing our people’s earning potential. In keeping with the theme of the T&T budget 2010, as well as, RHAND being synonymous with the empowerment of people, we present RED.



September 23, 2010